Thursday, April 24, 2008


Things have been relatively quiet here this past week (i.e. no Brannon mis-adventures) mostly due to me being very sick (fever, chills, migraines, etc) and so we've all been trapped in the house (Ben is traveling more than he is home these days.) Anyway.... I haven't emptied pictures off my camera in awhile so I am doing that now. I thought I would post a few cute ones.
The 1st picture is Wesley at school last week on Pioneer Day. The kids and teachers dressed up as pioneers and went through the entire day as a pioneer school. They made candles, ate pioneer food, wrote with a quill and ink, played pioneer games, learned to square dance, made things with yarn, etc. He had a blast and it really gave him an idea what it was like be a child in the 18oo's. We love Wesley's new school and teacher, she is so creative. And, of course Wes has adjusted well. He's so social and outgoing this move hasn't really slowed him down!
The 2nd picture is Brannon digging in the dirt guessed it... his dinosaurs. I know we have a ton of pictures of him doing that but that really is all he does (besides get into trouble.) And with that grin on his face, who could ever guess what that little boy is capable of! He always has at least one dinosaur, if not 5 in his hands so we don't have any pictures of him without them!
The 3rd picture is Tierney in our Octopus Chair. She loves that chair and loves to sit in it and "pretend" to read or just suck her thumb. She making progress towards walking now- she's almost got it! Just in time for her 18 month milestone! (The orthopedist said last week that she is hyper flexible and she's having a hard time training her muscles to get them to do what they are supposed to. She said that she will get it very soon and then to put her in gymnastics!) She loves to toddle across the room just to get over to the octopus and sit on it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cheap Wine of the week that is really 2

So, I have been meaning to blog about my cheap wine of the week, ever since last week when I discovered a really good cheap wine. But then, I have been so busy this past week I didn't have time to blog. Then, I found my cheap wine of this week. So, now I am doing the cheap wine of the week, but this week also has last week's recommendation.

Last Week: Rex Goliath Merlot. This wine has a picture of a rooster on it but most importantly it only set me back $6. It's quite smooth for a cheap wine and after drinking a couple glasses Ben found it amusing to talk about the wine with a cock on it.

This Week: S.O.B. (Sun of a Beach) Chardonnay. I was making Mushroom and Goat Cheese stuffed Chicken Breasts tonight with sauteed red potatoes and grilled zucchini and portobello mushrooms. Notice I said "was." That's because I bought a cheap white wine to go with my meal. Like any good cook, I opened it before I started cooking and now I am not cooking anymore. Drinking this good cheap wine (again only $6) made me have no desire but to do anything but sit on my patio and drink my wine enjoying the beautiful breeze and 70 degree weather on my back porch. So now the kids are eating the good 'ole chicken nugget standby (they are shaped like dinosaurs so that means extra points for mommy) and then Ben and I will continue to sit on the porch because we are lazy wine drinkers.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brannon is now officially a Holy Terror!

For those of you that know Brannon, you know he can be described as my "spirited" child. While Wesley walks the straight and narrow path, Brannon prefers to RUN down every crooked one he can find! Never mind the minor incident this week when I took him to Chick Fil-A and he walked by someone's table, grabbed a chicken nugget, popped it in his mouth and continued on to the playroom. And no, I am not talking about the incident this week where he found a cactus bush, grabbed it with both hands and tried to pull it out of the ground (amazing he did not get a single needle in him.) No, I am referring to a few days ago when Wes was at first communion class at our new church. When we went to pick him up, he was in the church listening to the priest, so I, along with about 30 other moms were waiting in the lobby just outside the sanctuary doors. Brannon of course brought with him a couple of dinosaurs (we don't leave home without them) and I have Tierney on my hip. I walked over to the doors that lead to the sanctuary (they are glass) to see if I could locate Wes. Brannon was looking through the doors with me. Then, I spot Wes and lean down to point him out to Brannon. Brannon's gone. I look to my right and left, he couldn't have gone far, I only had my eyes off him for 10 seconds. I spin around and dart my eyes across the lobby. When I finally locate him, I wanted to disappear. In the center of the lobby area is a big white stone pedestal about 4.5 ft high. On top of the pedestal is a glass bowl containing the Holy Water. Somehow Brannon had hoisted himself up, stomach propped on the pedestal edge, feet dangling in the air, DRINKING the Holy Water like a dog. Oh, and for good measure the dinosaurs were in the bowl too, looking like 2 birds taking a bath. Words cannot describe the heat in my face, the embarrassment I felt and all those moms were watching him. I run over and pulled him down and he tells me that he was thirsty and his dinosaurs wanted a bath "puz dey were dirty." His little curls framing his face are wet, as is the front of his shirt. Being that no one in this church yet know us by name, I am sure I will now be known as "the mother who let her child drink Holy Water."

Here's a picture of my little Angel, playing with his dinosaurs in my mom's garden.