Monday, January 21, 2008

House Update

Well, it looks like the offer from the buyers of last week is going to fall through. I must say that I am not too disappointed. Our new house won't be finished until the end of July so I still have a long time to sell. And even though Ben has to be in Austin all week, we are happy here. We miss him but Wes is doing great in school and the kids and I have our network of friends, so if the right offer doesn't come along, I'm not selling!

On a different note, our NEW house problems have been ridiculous. I will spare you the details over the last 2 months but we have had to switch builders and neighborhoods. My builder was doing some dirty stuff and it was getting worse by the day, so we decided to get out while we good and start over. (Don't ever build a home with Drees!) We have started over by building a house in the Lakeway area of Austin. I am so excited! I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and this whole situation is bringing us a better deal than I could've dreamed of! The schools are known to be some of the best in the state, a new outdoor Galleria is going to be 3 minutes from my neighborhood, and the views are breathtaking with huge hills and Lake Travis close by. We got a lot on a Col-de-sac that backs up to a heavily wooded nature preserve. What more could we ask for! Here are some links for pictures of the new house. These are pictures taken at the model for our floorplan that is in a different neighborhood in Austin!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To sold or not to have sold?

That is the question!

We received an offer on our house on Monday! It was about $5k lower than where we wanted to be. So, on Tuesday we countered. It's now Wednesday, early evening, and we have heard nothing back! I am so nervous about this! Are we moving or not? Is my house off the market or not? Do we call the moving company or not? I am such and planner and so detail oriented that this i really really hard for me. I hate waiting. And I really hate this "game." I am trying to keep busy with "busy" work and every time the phone rings I am praying it's my realtor. AHHH! the Stress!!!

To Aunt Carrie: Happy Birthday yesterday. You are so loved and special to me! Thank you for being a fabulous Aunt!

And to the love of my life: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! You are so good to me, the most generous and loving husband in the world. The kids and I wish we could be with you today and that you weren't out of town. I love you so so much! Hopefully you will get a great present today - finding out our house has sold!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The joys of potty training

Brannon will be 3 on February 8th and Santa thought it was time Brannon learn to use the potty because he brought lots of big boy underwear (in his favorite motif, Cars and dinosaurs.) Bran hasn't been motivated despite our best efforts, so far, but the prospect of him wearing underwear with Mater on it has him very excited. So 2 nights ago he comes running up to me, "Mommy I have to go peepee let's get on the potty!" Of course, I'm all excited (I know, I know, we don't get out much) and we run to the bathroom, I get Bran undressed, sit him on the potty, and nothing happens! We wait. He starts grunting and making all these "pushing" noises. Finally he starting hitting his private part, looks up at me and yells "Mommy, dis fing not working!"

Last night we had a discussion after prayers about what we were most thankful for in 2007. Wes, Ben and I all talk about how we are thankful for our family, health, blah blah blah and then Bran says, "Well, I am thankful we had dinosaurs in 2007!"

So, from all of us, to all of you and your dinosaurs, Happy New Year! I hope for 2008 Brannon learns how to make his "fing" work and you get all you've hoped for too!