Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photoshow of our New House!

Here are some photos of the new house. I am so excited to finally have a home!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 24, 1998- October 24, 2008

Wow! We did it! 10 years!! When I think back of all we've accomplished, done, gone through, over the past 10 years, I am so humbled that someone so wonderful has chosen to put up with me!
To the most wonderful husband in the world: 10 years ago today we stood in front of the most important people in our lives and you promised to always love me, care for me, and move me all over the country! You have fulfilled every promise! Like every married couple we've had our ups and our downs, but you never wavered in your love for me. I don't know what I would do without you, you are my best friend above all else. Because of the love we have for each other, I have my 3 beautiful babies. Thank you for marrying me! I love you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it Thursday Yet?

It's one of those days. It actually started yesterday when I went to pick up Brannon from pre-school. Brannon for the first time, asked to wear underwear instead of a diaper. This is my 3 year and 8 month old child who has refused to potty train. I was so excited because he can pee in the potty but WILL NOT poop in it. So, he really wanted to wear underwear to school and so I thought that was the motivation he needed to poop in the potty. I dropped him off at school and the teacher made a big deal out of him in underwear. Something that you need to know is Bran is a hider pooper. He prefers to go hide when he poops. When I picked him up yesterday, the teacher had told me that he peed in the potty fine but she was determined to not let him out of her sight. If he can't hide, he won't poop. I pick him up at 1pm. At 12:40 they were on the playground and a little boy fell down. When she helped the little boy up, she then quickly tried to locate Brannon. Sure enough, he seized on the opportunity to go into the tunnel slide, and poop his underwear!!! So, when I arrive at 1, they had just finished cleaning him up. I was so disheartened. Attempting to potty train Brannon has been a lot of work and frustration. He has never had the desire to do it and has fought it every step of the way. I finally thought we had broken a barrier, but obviously not. So as I am loading him and Tierney, who I had with me, back in the car, my cell rings. Wesley's school is calling to tell me he is sick and has a 102 fever. Wonderful.
As soon as I get Wes home, he throws up. Luckily he got MOST of it in the toilet. I get Bran and Tierney down for their naps, get the remaining vomit cleaned up, attend to Wes then clean myself up.
Did I mention Ben is out of town????
I finish off the day just trying to cope: Wes had thrown up one more time, the fever kept coming back, had to attempt to keep the other 2 away from him in a very small apartment, while trying to fulfill all my other mommy duties for the evening. I finally go to bed last night completely exhausted. I didn't get much sleep though because Macy decided last night would be a good night to attempt to sleep on my head or when that failed, play with my hair. I got up at 1am- Wes' fever was back so I woke him up and dosed him with Tylenol. He then woke at 5am whining, fever was back, I drugged him again and climbed back into bed praying to all that was Holy that I would get some sleep. No luck.
Wes comes in my room at 6:30 because he says he can't swallow. I get out a flash light, and when I looked down his throat I was not shocked to see that it was huge and red with white pockets on it. I no sooner get him in my bed, when I hear Tierney in her room talking. What the hell? It's 6:30. She's ALWAYS good until at least 8:30 if we don't wake her before that. I tried to put the pillow over my head but she kept talking. Now she has woken up Brannon who is in my room telling me that Tierney's room smells. I go into Tierney's room to see what is wrong, open the door, and I was almost knocked dead by the smell that assaulted my nostrils. Then, I was greeted by the artistic abilities of my daughter, who had taken off her diaper and attempted some sort of art with her own poop. It was all over her crib, and her body and her walls. I wanted to run, far far away......
One hour later, the crib materials are in the wash, the crib and Tierney both have been disinfected, and I was silently cursing Ben for having the good sense to leave me when all hell was about to break loose.
The rest of the day continued down that path. Here's the summary... all 3 kids fighting while I was in the shower to take Wes to the Dr, Brannon threw a book at my head while I was driving them to the Dr, long wait at the Dr where Brannon knocked over a small table that had books and pamphlets all over it, Wesley has Strep throat, Dr checks 2 other kids for good measure and both of them have the beginnings of strep, antibiotics for all 3, long wait at Target pharmacy for drugs, while waiting we are shopping and Tierney grabs glass on shelf while I am getting bread and drops it and it breaks everywhere, Brannon threw a temper tantrum because I wouldn't buy Lightening McQueen band-aids (we already have some), Tierney then joins in screaming because a) she always cries acappella when someone else cries and b) waking up at 6:30 has finally caught up with her and she is tired and hungry (it's now 1:00), I drive home and there are no parking spots near my apartment so I have to park far away and haul 3 kids and groceries into apartment, while giving them some lunch Brannon drops his soup on the floor- I have to clean up.....
Ben is still gone. It's 4pm, little ones will be waking up any second and I have to get through the rest of this day.
God help me.