Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday and Weigh In!

Happy Birthday to my husband! I posted this picture because even though he his no longer in the corps, once a Marine, always a Marine. Also, his favorite place to be is outside in the elements, this is just Ben. And, this afraid to fly, doesn't like to get dirty woman is completely in love with my Marine Pilot! Happy 35th!!!

Ok, weigh in this morning went well, especially considering I majorly cheated this weekend when I made a fondue dinner and Irish Cream Cheesecake for Ben. With all that considered:
this week's weight loss: 2 pounds!
total weight loss in 2 weeks: 7 pounds!
Ben's weight gain this week: .2 pounds! (yes, you did read that right, even though he's been lifting weights and drinking protein shakes and all!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

And the Monday total is....

Every Monday until I reach my goal- 35 pounds, I will post my progress. This Monday, after 1 week of dieting here are my stats:
Pounds lost since last Monday: 5

Ben said he wants to gain 10 pounds.
Pounds gained since last Monday: 0

Anyone else want to "weigh in"?

Monday, January 4, 2010


This is my new toy that's going to help me with my New Year's Resolution! We got a great deal on it, which makes it even better!
I am going to put in print, public print, that I am committing to losing 35 pounds. I will be updating my progress every Monday, so check in and cheer me on (or chastise me if I have a bad week!) The accountabliity factor I am hoping will help me from falling off the wagon. I know I have several friends that also started their big diets today, if you would like to participate in Monday check-in, then please join in!
Ben says he's commmitted to gaining 10 pounds...we'll see how he does! Ha!

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