Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Wesley!

How is it possible that my first born child is 8 years old!?! The years have gone by so fast, although I have made him promise that I will always be the most important girl in his life. (He said, "Well of course you will be Mom.") He is such a sweet boy, who loves his family, and has a real zest for life. I don't think I've ever seen a child with a bigger imagination! I still think of him as my baby, even though he has huge feet!!

We love you so much Wesley! You are growing into such a handsome, smart, funny, kind, generous, loving little man. But, do Mommy a favor and STOP growing up!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's A Girl!!!!!

We've done it again and added a new member to our family! It's a girl and we've named her Macy. Ok, I told you all I am done having kids so don't go there. No, this little girl is of the feline species. When our kitty Bailey died in March, I promised the kids that when we moved into our house we would get another kitty. But.... we didn't quite make it that long! My girlfriend Corrie (sucker #1) called me about 5 weeks ago when she rescued a stray cat that had just given birth under a hot, dirty loading dock and her husband's warehouse. She's a vet tech so she took care of the whole brood for 5 weeks (while recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid, God Bless her.) So now here is an available kitten that needs a good home. Enter sucker #2- me. We picked her out a couple of weeks ago when we went up to Mansfield to visit and we got her today. The kids love her and Brannon and Tierney think the only way to communicate with her is to meow as loud as they can, in her face.

How appropriate that today was Friday the 13th and we got an all black kitty with the most beautiful blue eyes!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everything in Life Starts with a Solid Foundation

The house is slowly (well, too slow for us) but surely coming along. The frame is on it's way up but here is a picture of my family (Wes is standing behind Brannon) on our foundation (taken last week.) The view can't be seen from here but you can see the plethora of trees in the back yard. Also, the back of the house is about 8 feet up from the ground- all solid foundation. It's exciting to watch our house being built!

Secondly, take some time today to be thankful for the foundation you've been given. I think we all know how fleeting and fragile life is, but sometimes it just has to slap you in the face. A friend of mine, Meredith Hatch was killed this past Sunday. She was training for a race (cycling) and riding with her trainer on a neighborhood street Sunday morning when she was struck by a truck going over 60 mph, driven by a drunk driver. This was a senseless, stupid tragedy. She was the director of the preschool Wesley went too in Mansfield. She knew every child and every parent that walked through that door. She always had a smile on her face and she made every child feel important and special. She was a mom of 3 young boys and only 38. I think the one thing I can do to honor her life and make since of her death is to be so thankful for everything I have been given, because everyday is a gift.

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Here comes the bride...."

Yeah! I am so happy for my cousin Christy who got engaged this weekend! I don't have sisters so my aunts and cousins are very special to me! Christy is my closest in age female cousin. She's smart, beautiful, generous, kind and most importantly, Tierney's Godmother! Jacob finally popped the question and we are happy he will be part of our family. Congrats to both of you, we are so very happy for you!

All this wedding stuff these days is getting me in the mood to get married again. I don't think anyone will want a 32 year old- mini van driving- part time zookeeper- part time maid- part time chauffeur- mother of 3 so I guess I have to stick with the husband I have (sorry Ben!) When I brought to him that up for our 10 year anniversary (this October) that we could have another wedding, he told me to forget it-we have our hands full just planning birthday parties!

Cheap Wine of the Week (posted a couple of days late)

Well, there's no picture of the Cheap Wine of the Week because this wine is so cheap I guess it doesn't even have a website. I found this wine when I was in HEB on Friday and they were doing a wine tasting over in the gourmet cheese area. They were sampling a $5.89 bottle of wine and a $37 bottle of wine. I took a sample of both along with a taste of Aged Irish Cheddar Cheese (oh so good!) The cheap wine was "La Di Da" White Zinfandel. It was described as a fun, social, sipping wine. I liked it, I bought some, and it's perfect for a sipping on a summer afternoon.