Monday, January 11, 2010

And the Monday total is....

Every Monday until I reach my goal- 35 pounds, I will post my progress. This Monday, after 1 week of dieting here are my stats:
Pounds lost since last Monday: 5

Ben said he wants to gain 10 pounds.
Pounds gained since last Monday: 0

Anyone else want to "weigh in"?


Anonymous said...

I saw your pics from christas. You do NOT need to lose 35 pounds. You'd look skelectal! 10 pounds would be better...anymore than 10 and you'd just be THIN, not beautiful.

Ben looks good, but I wish him well on gaining 10 pounds. Wish I had the problem!
:) Paula

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

You are brave my friend, way to put it out there for everyone to read!! Way to go on week 1.