Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday and Weigh In!

Happy Birthday to my husband! I posted this picture because even though he his no longer in the corps, once a Marine, always a Marine. Also, his favorite place to be is outside in the elements, this is just Ben. And, this afraid to fly, doesn't like to get dirty woman is completely in love with my Marine Pilot! Happy 35th!!!

Ok, weigh in this morning went well, especially considering I majorly cheated this weekend when I made a fondue dinner and Irish Cream Cheesecake for Ben. With all that considered:
this week's weight loss: 2 pounds!
total weight loss in 2 weeks: 7 pounds!
Ben's weight gain this week: .2 pounds! (yes, you did read that right, even though he's been lifting weights and drinking protein shakes and all!)

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