Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excited for tomorrow!

I am going LIVE on TV tomorrow! I am excited, nervous, scared....and I did what any normal girl would do- I went to Black House White Market and spent entirely too much money on a new outfit. I am going on Good Day Austin (Fox 7) to promote awareness for DVT's/blood clots. My fabulous vascular surgeon will be with me. I am excited because this is the only way I have to fight back against this clot that has taken so much from me. I can't get rid off the clot in my leg, but I can help prevent YOU or someone you love from getting one! We will have registration for the DVT race in Austin up later today! Please come if you can- May 22! Wish me luck and tune on to Fox 7 tomorrow at 8am. My segment will air between 8-8:10am!!!

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Jenn said...

You will do great!! So many people will learn from your experience, and no doubt lives will be saved. Go Kara!